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Kitten for Dr. Robin Knopp & Abbey Animal Hospital.

B and H grades graphite pencils by MaryCat.



Little girl, charcoals and grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


My In-laws, Charles & Margaret Todd, drawn from separate

 photographs taken circa 1943...before they met! Charcoal by MaryCat.


Egg, a sweet Doberman. We miss him. Charcoal & pencil by MaryCat.


Clint, future Engineer who will help us save our world. By MaryCat.


Commissioned for a wedding anniversary. Charcoals by MaryCat.


Max, an awesome protector! Pastel chalks by MaryCat.


A beautiful Navy mother who had to leave her family behind to serve her country for us.

Thankfully, she is now back with us!


Mr. Charles Todd & Dr. Alice Nunnery, Tennessee. Charcoal/grey pastels by MaryCat.


Art show, May 2003. 1st sample, all portraits by MaryCat. Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Art show, May 2003. 2nd sample, all portraits by MaryCat. Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Art show, May 2003. 3rd sample, all portraits by MaryCat. Click to enlarge and enjoy!


Charcoal for the SPCA by MaryCat.


A beautiful Mother and Daughter. Charcoals, grey/white pastels by MaryCat.


I made my day with charcoals and grey & white pastels. MaryCat!


Look who's begging for a free trip across the courtyard! By MaryCat.


The often imitated but NEVER duplicated Alex Trebek. By MaryCat.


Aren't babies the bees' knees?! Commissioned by my Mother-in-Law.

By MaryCat.


Nana Carole meets Nicholas. B-graphite pencils and grey pastels by MaryCat.


Let's pray for an end to the senseless slaughter of these, and all, of

God's creations. Grey & white pastels by MaryCat.


My of the finest women ever created.

Charcoals and grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


A beautiful young bride. Charcoals, grey&white pastels by MaryCat,

who is privileged to know her!


One of Tennessee's best. Charcoals, grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


A beautiful young man who's parents did a wonderful job raising

all their children. Charcoals, grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


Michael T. Weiss of "The Pretender". Charcoal, grey&white pastels by MaryCat. 


I'll be his neighbor! Charcoal and B & H graphite pencils by MaryCat.


Mr. Vidal's nightmare. Charcoal and B&H graphite pencils by MaryCat.


This should be the new Gerber baby! Charcoal, grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


A beautiful German Shepherd who has left her family with wonderful memories.

Pastel chalks by MaryCat.


A beautiful family. I was blessed to be asked to draw this. H & B grades pencils by MaryCat.


NASA-Langley telecommunications folk...the best!

Graphite pencils H and B series by MaryCat.


Conductor Keith Lockhart & guest Cyndi Lauper, "Pops Goes the Fourth".

Drawn with patriotic pride by MaryCat!


Well Howdy, Pilgrim! Charcoals by MaryCat.


Aphrodite, Autolycus, Xena, and Cupid...unfinished Charcoal by MaryCat.


A movie poster starring a dear friend. Charcoal/graphite pencils by MaryCat.


Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson. Charcoal, grey&white pastels.


Dame Agatha Christie, best mystery writer ever! By MaryCat.


Ms. Dorothy Dandridge in "Porgy and Bess". By MaryCat.


My Father-in-Law, a good, happy man and very dear to many! MaryCat.


One of the best television shows...B & H graphite pencils by MaryCat.


Spoof by me for a comic site


Baby didn't scan well, original is much better. Charcoals by MaryCat.


Mermaid...pastels by MaryCat.


Wendy and Savannah. Charcoal from a Polaroid by MaryCat.


Tom Selleck.  Mercy! Charcoals and grey & white pastels by MaryCat.


Ms. Dorothy Dandridge, a Pioneer, by MaryCat.


We inherited grown Sam and missed his kittenhood. I think Baby Sam

looked like this! Black, grey, and white pastel chalks by MaryCat.


If this is Virginia's future, we're in great hands! By MaryCat.


Lovely young woman and beloved cat.

 Charcoals and greys & white pastels by MaryCat.


Benjamin Marrowbone, an Oglala of the Sioux Nation. Here age 102, he has

left us now. The beautiful child is his great-great-grand-nephew.

Mr. Marrowbone rode in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and took himself

to Rome and met a Pope. Above all, he endured. With admiration by MaryCat.


Steve Martin. By MaryCat, who loved drawing him!


A new family. Drawn with delight by MaryCat.


Illustration by MaryCat.


Every puppy should be so loved. Charcoals by MaryCat.


Kathy and Gina, who looks like one of the Faery creatures she paints


Rodeo! by my Art Sister Trish Ellis.



Carolina swamp turtle. Charcoal & graphite pencils by MaryCat.


Our Jesus. Charcoal and grey/white pastels by MaryCat.


Alison Krauss, Bluegrass artist and classy woman. Unfinished by MaryCat.


Mr. Etheridge & Mrs. Jacqueline...Happiness knows no age. Charcoal by MaryCat.


Inspector Thomas Barnaby, Midsomer Murders. Charcoals by MaryCat.


Smitten the baby Doxie and friend. B4 art pencil and grey&white pastels.


Charcoals by MaryCat from photographs circa 1940s.


Sweet long-haired Doxie, home from the Vet. Charcoals by MaryCat.


Newlywed Barretts ca. 1945. Charcoal, grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


Mariska Hargitay. Charcoal and grey & white pastels by MaryCat.


Spike, to my Art Sister Gina. I'm sure Stan won't mind! By MaryCat.


Patrick & Leo of TechTV...Charcoal by MaryCat.


Eddie Murphy as Dr. Doolittle. Charcoal / grey & white pastels by MaryCat.


Inky the Calico Kitten...Pastels by MaryCat.


Tim McGraw for my car-saver, Dr. Jeff, with thanks! MaryCat.


Angel Diane watching over her family. By MaryCat.


A purrfect homework guardian angel! By MaryCat.


Jim Smith keeping the flame alive in Virginia Beach. Charcoals by MaryCat.


A puppy-in-law. Pastels by MaryCat.


Mrs. Page's adorable grandchildren. Charcoal & grey/white pastels by MaryCat.


My Hughes extended family. Charcoal, grey & white pastels by MaryCat.


The Avengers, Diana Rigg & Patrick MacNee. Charcoal by MaryCat.


Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe, wedding day, 14 Jan '56. Charcoal by MaryCat.


A fellow Pepsi lover and his beautiful soulmate. Charcoal by MaryCat.


Clint Jones' birthday card. Pastels by MaryCat. I think he liked it!


A little Canadian angel. Charcoal/grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


A South Carolina gentleman & a little Southern belle. Portrait by MaryCat.


 Mother and child. Charcoals and grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


Another sweet puppy. Pastel chalks by MaryCat.


This is the way humans should behave! Charcoals/grey & white pastels by MaryCat.


Eight Great Grandchildren. 11" x 14" in a 16" x 20" frame. By MaryCat.


A woman, dear to me, and a man who (I pray) loves her! By MaryCat.


A beautiful, kind man who has left us. By MaryCat with sorrow.


Marilyn's beautiful grandchildren. Charcoal, grey&white pastels by MaryCat.


Marilyn's beautiful grandchildren. Charcoal, grey&whites by MaryCat.


Another greatly loved man who has left us. Commissioned by Mrs. Page

for her daughter...I hope it brightens some broken hearts. By MaryCat.


Inky's Laundry Day! What fun! Charcoals, grey & white pastels by MaryCat.

ps...we're teaching her to fluff and fold, too...



Charcoal or pastel portraits from photographs

Humans, pets, nature, dwellings

8 x 10, matted and framed to 11 x 14

 One or two subjects: $90.00

Each additional subject: $10.00 more


Contact: Mary Catherine Todd

Everyone is welcome! 

Thank you for visiting with me.

I hope we brightened your day.

This Art Gallery updated 12 June 2011.